Wale Recruits Kanye West to Redesign the Wizards Jerseys

News: Wale Recruits Kanye West to Redesign the Wizards Jerseys
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Recently hired as a cultural consultant for the rising Washington Wizards, Wale is hoping to rebrand the budding sports franchise as it begins to move from the bottom of the Eastern Conference to the top. In a recent conversation with ESPN the Magazine, the D.C. native mentioned heís hoping to recruit Kanye West as a designer for the teamís new uniform initiative.

"I want to be a shot in the arm to D.C. basketball. My job is to provide a spark, at all costs. Iím not going to do anything corny, but Iím talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms. I want to see the phone booth rocking every time I come here. I want to create the ďLake Show,Ē create what the Bulls had. I want to take the personality of our stars ó John, Otto, Marcin ó and create what Kemp and Payton had, what LeBron and D-Wade had. Thatís the vibe I want." - Wale

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