Wale "Rhyme of the Century"

New Music: Wale "Rhyme of the Century"
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What you know about hip, hop, rhyme of the century
Argue bout another man you brothers better mention me
Hesitatin instead of ????
I got the polar bears jealous cuz the shit that I rap
I ain't spittin a rap Im just spittin cuz half these niggas just half ass
I got meticulous rap Yes half step
Not unless I'm intoxicated
Everything yall say so pop related
Yall ain't bout shit, yall constipated
Yall hear tight shit, yall confiscate it
I spit hot shit like rhyme for satan
My heart can't wait but my mind is patient
Yea hip, hop, rhyme of the century
My prime hasn't come still time is an enemy
Live hip-hop so my rhyme be the death of me
Rhythm got a plate but my mind got the recipe
All the right weaponry in all of my energy
Innovative flow with delightful type melody cousin
I'm lovin every bit of this moment
Backtrack on this track its your vividest moment?
Like a picture of poem i could picket it for em
You could picture every picture that i picture performin
Yea hip, hop, rhyme of the century
Rebel with a cause so crime is in front of me
Soul isn't lost but you demons is here
Exorcise a roll of exorcists the deacon is here
And Im blessed to have the benefit to leak in the ears
I could overcome a deficit if speakers is clear
Yea hip, hop, rhyme of the century
These been wave ??? please you can get it free
Before I hit my teens OG's use to mention me
He gonna be the next thing they gon say to me
Half them brothers is wide nosed?? washed up
Flat broked dirty and wide nosed
Kings to a nigga and I never knew why tho
IN the days of black and mild 40s buy those
WE still get by tho chicks bad most of them bi tho
Bootleggers everywhere i never did buy those
Wouldn't pay discount to listen to yall flow
City on the map thats the basis of my goal
Hip, hop, rhyme of the century
Write hot shit, so we define the penitentiary
Sling hot shit, a nigga got a wicked jump shot
Go up in the booth and get it right on the first shot
All cap pop rocks always get my dunk blocked
Know what time it is every time I hear the drums stop
Gunshot call the doc see you live
Im upsetting the MD like T.O. did
And I see no ??? when I look in the mirror
I'mma fuck the whole game I ain't lookin to marry
And the whole city strange man look at our mirror
From Ant Williams all the way to Marion Barry
Yes hip hop im focused man
Resurrecting this rap shit so you vultures scram
And you maggots leave with that trashy speak
I give life to the earth Im why grass is green
Can't express it in words not a veteran nah
My experience is pretty much irrelevant yall
Thats why im calm collect and intelligent
My man throw around weight like a medicine ball
IM better than yall you can bet the farm on it
Hot mixtape shit you can bet that im on it
Respect that im honest i ain't tryna run congress
Im just tryna keep it tight so the whites dont corner us
Got the right for me to write and keep it tighter than a condom
And im strapped if i pop im a certified problem
Yes hip, hop, rhyme of the century
Way before my time i could rhyme for a century
Hundred years ago and be in line with the century
Chicken scratch rap can't see my flow legibly
A nigga spit vicious got damn its ugly
Man i spit so nice i take advantage of it
Thats my alter ego i could alter people
Poor folks middle class and those flossy people
World wide intellect more lines than the internet
Popular with them africans like stouts on them venison??
Stout when you feelin back yall ain't real man
So vain novocaine i dont feel them
Gotta move weight i dont feel slim
Ask who my team is that is still slim
That is still c zoe with no e
Poconos heat broken nose weed
Flow the most beats pokin most freaks
Cops come around its a pokin no sleep
Broken my speech my native tongue is so impressive i confess that i could graze the sun
Hip, hop, rhyme of the century
V8 spitter put my mouth where the engine be
Better go faster than the superman ride
A kryptonite flow make superman high
A different mic flow so elusive when he ride
Im tryna move units like a unit when they drop
And losin is a unit i ain't used to cuz im hot
You used to be on top but you through and you hit rock
Bottom and ya gotta keep it movin but you not
Cuz you lazy and lethargic your whole style garbage
Your whole block ashamed and your hoes ???
And whose I'm talkin about noone in particular
But if you feel particular nigga you need to get it son
Take it to the streets or embrace it on the beat
Hungry on both levels either way im gonna eat
This is hip, hop, rhyme of the you know the rest
Yall know my flow the shit rhyme niggas hold they breath
*huh hah*
Exhale now in with the sprint nextels out
Phone tap traps have them niggas in your house
Hold that gap boy set?? out
I set a ??? out move over look boulders
You rollin with bogus erosion corrosion occurs when im loaded im focused you notice?
And it ain't hard to tell
I'mma young black african Orson Welles
This is hip, hop, rhyme of the century
Argue bout another man you brothers better mention me
Penetrate your mind you niggas is lacked
This what brought to you by Wale this is a rap

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