Oldblaccro "2023! Untitled Instrumental"

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Oldblaccro "2023! Untitled Instrumental"

About Track: Oldblaccro is back with a new instrumental track that is sure to take listeners on a journey through the sounds of R&B, Funk, and Jazz. As a longtime resident of DC with roots in Gary, Indiana, Oldblaccro has a unique perspective on music that he brings to his work. This new instrumental track is a testament to his mastery of the old-school vibe, showcasing his skills on a range of instruments to create a rich, multi-layered soundscape.

With its groovy beat and smooth, soulful melodies, "2023! Untitled Instrumental" is the perfect anthem for anyone looking to tap into the timeless sound of R&B, Funk, and Jazz. Whether you're a fan of Oldblaccro's music or simply looking for something fresh and new, this track is sure to get you moving and inspire you in ways you never thought possible. So turn up the volume, sit back, and let the sounds of Oldblaccro transport you to another world. - Review by DMV LIFE

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