One Night

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One Night lyrics

NewBoyz (New Boyz) Hey (Hey) But it was just a one night stand

[Chorus:]Legacy (Ben J) She thought I said I loved her (She thought I said I loved her) I think I said I love you (I think I said I love you But baby I'm hungover (But baby I'm hungover) And yu need to realize (Realize) Hey, Hey That this was just a one night stand

[Legacy XD:] I'm turnt up Just hit the fun shit Lookin for a bad bitch With the gucci pumps and shades Tryna find the on that'll come and Just get to lunch and Just get to humpin Check,Mark, There goes one No acne with her hair all done Got her makeup on, Bracelet on And them heels make me wanna take that home Should I take her to my room? (Quick, think) I took her to my room then we (Hit..6) Counters, Dressers She's fierce We got done told her "You can sleep here" The next day i woke up at 12 at noon I rolled over and i screamed "who the hell are you?!" The fat chick said "Damn don't remember me baby?!" This shit crazy!


[Ben J (Mr. Earl lol):] Look, Look I'm turnt up, yeah i know how it gets I got a chick who wanna kick it now she wanna hit I don't blame her she knows what's up I said "what's up?" She came with the pumps and she turned me up She was kute, makeup, nails and feet done Long hair, orange back now that's a reason To give in, Yu know what's up lil mami We both faded feelin all types a naughty She wanna wait to go full force But I only got one night in my source I endorsed the fact n attacked the drink in me The freak in me, The kink in her She came to And I ain't gon stand around I'ma take her to the telly we can bot roll around and (Haha) And I ain't gon let her in I'ma kick her ass out it's a one night stand (Haha)


[Outro;] A one night stand...(Heyyy) Yur breath stink... I never liked you... Baby I was just drunk...


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