About Shif-T: Terra (Shif-T) Woodland, a born and bred Washingtonian is spreading her talent throughout the DMV and up the East Coast. Shif-T began her rap voyage at the age of 15, writing lyrics out of her basement, and rhyming over instrumentals. Shif-T is just what the name states but she offers so much more considering her creative and universal sounds marked by a versatility that can appeal to just about any audience. Her outlandish on stage persona when contrasted with her calm nature off stage is similar to the dual personalities of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One moment, you see a hot, confident, hard MC holding total vocal control on the mic... and then off stage you see a laid back, on joke time shorty everybody loves to be around. You're definitely missing out not seeing her act. Her stage presence is cultivated by her legendary performances during open mics, and performing live and /or recording with local artists like Lil Benny, Chuck Brown, Non-Chalant, the former Nasty Gang (now Malenium Band), Pure Elegance, Fat Trel, and Gerreddi.

Over the years, she has completed various studio/production works with guest appearances from major acts such as: Keith Murray, Redman, KRS-One, T-Pain, and Mobb Deep etc. Shif-T has been the opening act for recording artists 3-6 Mafia & Taylor Gang, and has completed two albums and a mixtape in which includes her self-titled CD “Just Shif-T”, “Molotov Cocktail”, and “Massacre Style”. At the age of 16, Shif-T was also, featured on Araba's release cut "Swing" & "Never Give Up"; Shif-T has been featured (along with many other talented MCs) on the First All-Female mixtape produced by Judah and Why Entertainment distributed throughout the DMV.

Shif-T believes her strong determination and strength was inherited from her mom (R.l.P.). She says, "If it wasn't for all the support and energy my mom's took in pushing me for greatness, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm taking nothing for granted, and If only it was for a little while for all the times we shared, I'm very grateful." She also attributes her motivation and love for hip hop to MC’s: MC Lyte, Rakim, Rah Digga, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Eminem, Young Jeezy, and Ludacris just to name a few. She has grown up studying the industry and has really come to appreciate and respect other MC'S for their talents, and in return has learned what it takes to maintain a leveled head in this game. The next level HBIC has dedicated her life to music. As a lyrical extremist, her lyrical content is never limited; she is always ready to tackle the not so obvious, saying things and doing what most wouldn't, leaving no stones unturned. Shif-T is an entertainer destined to make it in the industry, who takes pride in being different and hitting you from every angle. She feels people need not devote too much time and energy to or sink too deeply into the lyrical content of a song, but they should feel the passion behind the words and understand the commitment and talent brought before them. Given her enthusiasm for the left field, strong passion for the art, and her nonchalant attitude towards critics, she feels that eventually the world will recognize her for both her music and her mind... Both of which are sure to someday pay off.

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