Sincere S.

Sincere S.

About Sincere S.: Sincere S. (Born July 31, 1987) , a female rapper from Northwest, Washington Dc. She grew up in Maryland around drugs, violence and the constant struggle. Despite her hectic environment she studied at New Carrollton Elementary. At the age of 11 she found her passion for the music. She started learning the basics around music from being in band and reading sheet music. She studied singing as well. With every note she sang and played her family realized her passion for music and began investing money and supporting her the best way they knew how.

Three years later she started writing lyrical raps and battling with other male rappers within her neighborhood. With each bar she rhymes or lyric she writes, rap artist Sincere speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Sincere promised herself she would stay true and only be herself with everything she produces. Being the last and final member to join the group Tru Shootaz ( original members Syn, Marley, Ace and Double R ) she was crowned the first female member to bring a new feminine hardcore sound to the group of males. Her first single "Street Rulez" showed how hardcore she could rhyme and could easily hold her own against the males in the industry. She dipped and dabbled with instrumentals and her first was the Same Girl with R.Kelly and Usher. She remixed the song from a females perspective and showed she could rhyme emotionally and gain the interest of males and females. The group gained faith in their newest member and they recorded and began performing shows throughout the District of Columbia.

Aside from being in a group she grew up under the wing of Tamarcus Person and Jonathan Robinson, the CEO and producer of Hard Hitterz Inc. Raising and nurturing the rap skills of Sincere they began molding her and introducing her to new aspects of the industry world. Sincere's lyrics and delivery began maturing to new levels. Consistent studio sessions and long hours Sincere began producing more music for her audience. Later she was introduced to her new producer Freebase Face who fell in love with her talent and lyrics. He knew that he had found the right artist to invest his time into. He produced two of her major singles "Hate" featuring Tru Shootaz and her newest single "Baddest".

Originally being in the group Tru Shootaz hard times got harder. There was a lot of disagreement within the group so Sincere had to decide what was best for her group as well as her career. Sadly, Sincere chose to leave the group and venture the rest of her rap career as a solo artist. Sincere loves her former rap members as brothers but felt that this was the wise decision to leave. Sincere will never leave her members behind and still considers them her brothers. Sincere is still spotted with Tru Shootaz at venues and will continue making music as before. She states "I will never forget where I was raised and Tru Shootaz is like home, I`m always welcomed home by my brothers!"

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