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About Speed on the Beat: Twenty-something “Baltimore-born, College Park-raised” Speed on the Beat has seen it all. Well, not really, but it sounds a lot better and/or mysterious than “he’s dealt with adversity on account of mental illness, familial situations, and so on.” The brutally honest rapper/producer/critic got his start close to twenty years ago, working, as a child singer, with smaller labels in Baltimore. As time went on, and Speed became smarter to the way the world worked, he decided to blaze his own path to success. Plus, puberty is a thing, and it rendered Speed’s cherub voice useless and warped into some combination of Barry White and a surfer bum.

It was through this engineering spirit, self-deprecating approach that he “created” his own brand of no-fi hip-hop. Using influences ranging from Blu to Danny! and from DJ K-Swift to Kurt Cobain, Speed was able to present his life story in a way few could: honest, emotionally jarring, and imperfect. This DIY-meets-garage-band approach left every clip, pop, “ess,” and blip in on Speed’s verses. But, as Speed’s legend grew (to some) and he began to gain more recognition for his talent, he decided to “kill” the self-appointed “No-Fi King” he’d become.

Now in his soon-to-be-late-20s, Speed is both willing to retire from music at any moment and able to go into any project with no regrets on how he’s done. His writing can be found sites such as Boi-1da.net, EyesontheRing.com, a wrestling-centric site, DefineARevolution.com, the homepage for the Team DAR movement he represents, and SpeedontheBeat.com. Speed’s latest project Baltimore Commercial Break:From Juke Joints to Greatness is slated for an August 17th, 2015 release. The “Al Sanders-homaging, Orioles Magic-loving, Natty Boh-swilling, no-Hon-screeching, ‘Standard Carpeting’-flipping Baltimore tribute” utilizes Baltimore commercial jingles and news themes to present Baltimore in a way often unseen from other Baltimore hip-hop artists.

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