About Swifa: Willie Hayes, better known as "SWIFA", is the epitome of talent and someone with a promising future. Industry executives have already deemed the D.C. native as the next elite artist with his skills being compared to Jeezy and Lil Wayne. He is currently with GFM (Go 4 Money), who have close affiliations to Grand Hustle. It seems as though the map has been laid out, but for an artist of this caliber he is preparing to discover uncharted territory. In other words, music is about to go somewhere it could've never imagined, following Swifa's lead of course.

Growing up he learned at an early age what trials and tribulations were about. Even with the downfalls he knew if he stayed focused on his skills they would set him up for stardom. One quote that has always stuck with him, "everyone dies but not everyone lives," is why he makes everyday worth it. His music is his way of expressing himself, but also a means to help others. Swifa can now show young people that true talent and hard work will take you far. A solid artist can take pride in what they have to bring to the music world. For Swifa he makes sure his music makes a statement each time. He also feels each track is something he can stand behind, and proudly. He shares his thoughts on what he feels his records are meant for, I am proud of my music. I have a lot to say, and the words seem to pour out of me, almost effortlessly. I guess because of things that I have experienced and seen in my life, my music is like an outlet for me to be creative and to express myself, and it is something that I really enjoy doing. Now his music is what the world can take pride in too.

Continually honing his craft, hes becoming the in demand new artist. The end of the year and top of next year will bring street singles, mixtapes and numerous collaborations that are in the works. The future is bright, the stage is set, and Swifa's time is now!

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