TI'JEAN - Hall Of Mirrors

Item# tihaofmi

Ti'Jean "Hall of Mirrors" Mixtape

About Mixtape: Ti'Jean brings you his new mixtape titled "Hall of Mirrors". Itís been sometime since weíve heard from him last but heís back with a new project. Much of his life is in this work of art and he is viciously unafraid to be transparent. The lyrics are filled with aggression, truth, and clever wordplay. The beats are infectious, fresh, and mesh seamlessly with Ti'Jean's flows. He took a look at himself as the "man in the mirror" and shared everything he's been experiencing in his life lately with subject matter ranging from sex, his dreams, personal demons and love. This project also has two major features that are totally unexpected because these are TiíJeanís first collaborations of his careerÖone is a bonafide HipHop legend - Scarface - and the other is a HipHop veteran buzzing right now - Pusha T - so this will be a great treat for all of TiíJeanís supporters. The artist has been through many ups and downs and describes this past year as ďthe best and worst year of his lifeĒ so you can imagine how much he had to rap about on this new project.

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