How to Get Your Music on the Radio

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If you want to get your music on the radio, here is how to do it:

Note: Each step outlined here must be followed before you can meet with the Program Director.

STEP 1. Register your song with The Library of Congress (

STEP 2. Sign Up with ASCAP ( or BMI (

STEP 3. Get Song Encoded with Broadcast Data System (BDS) ( and Media Base (

STEP 4. Get CD professionally pressed up

STEP 5. Promote your music (Posters, Performances, Fliers, Street Team, etc)

STEP 6. Once steps 1 thru 5 are complete, call up every radio station in your genre of music and ask for the programming director. If your are persistent enough, they will tell you their exact protocol for getting your music in their hands. They are the gate-keepers of the radio world and can be the plug you have been looking for this whole time. Just make sure before you reach out to them that everything else is in order and ready to go!

But...even after jumping thru all of these hoops and getting the run-around from radio stations they will not play 99% of local music. If you want to get your music heard by the DMV without all the bullshit, add your music to DMV LIFE Radio on Its easy... CLICK HERE to add your music to DMV LIFE Radio!

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