Tornado 4:18

Tornado 4:18

About Tornado 4:18: Christian-Inspirational MC Michael Lewis better known as Tornado 4:18 is on a mission to bring souls to Christ. He is dedicated to the word and committed to spreading it. Described as passionate, entertaining and thought-provoking. Tornado began his career as a secular artist. One year later he began to rap for his school Arrow Child and family ministry. He traveled to Texas on their behalf to perform at a foster care camp. Challenged to have a meaning to his name, he began reading the Bible more and came across a scripture, the scripture was Luke 4:18.

Tornado while in and out of mental health facilities began to write more. His early writings lacked focus but as he matured his writing changed. Tornado continued his music career at St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church, the church he grew up in. He became an Eagle scout the first in his church's history and also the first in his troops history, sadly he would later experience news of the passing of his mentor Ronnie Barnes. Tornado would later covert over and become a member of St. John United Methodist Church. He currently serves his pastor Michael Parker II as his armor bearer and often travels with him. He began to perform at local churches, community events secular and non- secular up and down the east coast . The churches and events liked what he had to say and often invited him back.

Throughout his youth he had a few run ins with the law due to his struggle with alcoholism, while he would still perform at events, the struggle did not stop there. He ended up getting a DUI and countless other things which resulted in him spending one night and a weekend in jail in Harford County and Anne Arundel County, he would spend one year on probation. During his probation he would do some soul searching which led to him putting alcohol behind him. And he started to realize his purpose was: To reach the lost, to teach the lost, at any cost. This later became his mission statement for his ministry Team 4:18. Knowing he wasn't the best vocalist, Tornado was inspired by the secular hip hop styles of Tupac Shakur, particularly the song “Keep Your Head Up” to bring his thoughts and feelings into a lyrical format. Going through personal trials of his own, the song spoke to Tornado and inspired him to strengthen his relationship with the Lord and link his own ministry to hip hop. Having favorites in both the Popular music and Gospel music scenes, Tornado credits Michael Jackson for inspiring his performance style. He also lists contemporary Christian artists such as Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and secular artist such as Black Eyed Peas and Tupac Shakur. Also influencing his music Baltimore artist Russ Shanks. A noted fan favorite, Tornado 4:18 has performed at many churches and community events in the Mid-Atlantic area. He has also traveled to many different states including Kansas and New York just to name a few.

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