TV In The Radio

Item# tvinradio

"TV In The Radio" (feat. K'naan)

[Wale] Wale, I kick it, I kick it like Olindo I wear my Nike boots in Gucci I don't wear no Timbo I kick it any tempo I'm lifted off the indo I'm poppin champagne, drinkin till I'm jumpin out the windooow, haha If the autotune's gone bet they'll all tune in So I'mma do it bigger than an Audemar wrist watch Hip-Hop slackin, why they gettin Grammies when these niggas is actin? They phony, should get Tonies for the thing that they be yappin It's utterly bologna so I'm Muslim to these rappers Fuck yappin they lucky we don't clap em And have them people leakin like they're CD isn't mastered CD is in plasic, these niggas is has-beens We ain't makin friends while these niggas is Anistons Dig, these niggas is fake joe Hip-Hop need to wake up, we the fuckin clock radios

[HOOK] We original officially the most original If we wasn't so original then we'd be criminal Wale and K'naan they don't know is they're radio How the hell did they fit the TV in the radiooo

[Wale] They told me go in, no problem I'mma go in And shy away from drama, I ain't run away from no man And there ain't been no buster prepared for you suckas Then they'll play with Mario Brothers when it was duck hunt That's words to my mama, since I was in a starter A nigga been a star before I forfeited my scholar Shit didn't finish college, shit wasn't a problem Shit my homecoming is here I'm who they call up So I still be on that yard with a feely of that Marley From the city the Philly women willing to menage Though I put em on pause since Manilli been involved Though everybody's on me like the Milli V part Now I'm from the D Dot where we not no beatboxers We talkin B blockers keep us with deep pockets See not no fad or no internet phenom But he be's on that web like he be's with Pete Parker Me I'm not shy and my partner's Somalian K'naan and my buzz is too big like Comala Ballin, Folarin so goddamn hard Fat rhymes everytime bitch Roseanne bars... Wale


[K'naan] I don't know why the industry wanna keep me a secret And Wale been tellin other rappers take a deep breath And don't perform after him or you might regret I guess they didn't get the memo or the leaflet You know if you was harder than me then you'd be led And if you had more street cred then you'd be dead And I'm Somali so I guess I'm just trynna eat bread Fuckin with my people well that's called the Heath Ledge Needless to say I turn rap beef to piglets Make you speechless, make you bloody, make you teethless Then the blood drip on the floor poison pieces I been on more red carpets than Ryan Seacrest Don't cross me cause my friend I'm no Jesus I don't turn cheecks or draw blood like leeches And my friend's a nut me spark in heaters Get your ass privileges with parking meters Do I condone it or is this some kinda small talk? Course not, I'm big like horse nut Under pressure I don't sweat like my pores shut I'm from the ten shacks where mishaps get fix fast by klick klacks and big bwaps And inside they think rap soft My pen sparks the benchmark I fench off tar No sixteen, no vaccine, I'm so sick my ten bars cough Now I'm off

[Wale] Hold up, hold up, hold up

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