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About Universe City Press: Universe City Press, otherwise known as UP, is a hip hop duo hailing from Montgomery County, MD. The group is comprised of two emcees, Riki Weeks (aka Ak iLL) and Garrett Weeks (aka Apogee), who are literally brothers from another mother, as well as a variety of producers, each lending their special blend of musical talent to their work. Together they strive to communicate the truth and meaning that lies behind the craziness that is today's modern world and focus on analyzing the harsh realities of daily life, something that is sorely missing from much of today's hip hop scene.

Although having different mothers and growing up in different states for the better part of 20 years had kept these two apart for much of their lives, they have found a way to meld their different backgrounds and beliefs into a compilation of some of the most honest, thought provoking, and meaningful lyrics to come out of the DMV hip hop scene. Taking their main influences from other local hip hop visionaries (such as the Low Budget Crew and Mello Music Group, as well as other local up and coming artists like MakeShift Deluxe, Action Figures, and the Instant Messengers), UP strives to make music with a message. Their debut EP, 'Celestials', is a prime example of their unique combination of style, rhythm, knowledge, and wordplay, evoking much more than a simple head bob in their listeners; their hope is to teach their listeners something new with every listen. And, with the intricate rhyme patterns and dynamic use of vocabulary, these two can spin a web of lessons within each song that are sure to be untangled for years to come. 'Celestials' is a 6 track powerhouse set of soulful beats, creative imagery, and insightful lyrics that provokes thought and reason from a higher perspective. With metaphors and similies about the universe, its makeup, and our place in it, UP invites each listener to think of themselves as a celestial, each with the power to change the world.

Although UP has been making music for almost 10 years now, this is just their beginning. Keep an eye out for them at local venues and online, and make sure you pick up their debut EP from online music distributers such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, and Spotify. Also, be sure to check out their websites and join their fan base in order to keep up with info about upcoming shows, new releases, merchandise, and more.

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