About VeRs: It's all in the name. For rapper/producer VeRs (pronounced verse), versatility is not only his trademark, but what he stands for. "I'm something they've been waiting for. They haven't heard anything like this in a minute." he boasts. "I change my sound up all the time, whether it be boom bap, trap, pop, everything."

The musically inclined DMV (Silver Spring, Maryland to be exact) artist combined his skills as a pianist with a love for hip-hop, and has now been making beats for over a decade. By the age of eleven, his interest in the culture emerged. As time passed, he grew along with the sound of Hip-Hop, and the field of production is where he decided to make his presence known.

"I was 15 when I made my first beat." he recalls. "I only had a computer with some sound programs, and a Casio keyboard from when I was 8 years old taking piano lessons." The formula that he created by using his inferior equipment has evolved into a weapon of mass destruction. Influenced by producers such as DJ Premier, Marley Marl, and J Dilla just to name a few... he has studied a vast range of production.

"These days I use FL Studio, Reason, Adobe Audition, my turntables, and a Korg X50." he says. "Once I get my full studio together, that's when you will really see what I can bring to the table."

While performing in the iStandard Producer Showcases (a renown circuit for producers), VeRs has been judged by multiple Platinum/Grammy award winning artists and producers. Scoring in the top percentile during the New York, Philadelphia and D.C. showcases, he has proven to be a top producer not only in the DMV, but all over the East Coast. With his talents focused on landing major label placements, he tries to stay one step ahead of his competitors.

"There's still a formula to everything." he says. "I just put a lot more effort into it. I have musicians playing violins, bass and guitar, and even people singing their hearts out. It's music people will truly enjoy."

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