Vita Lounge

Vita Lounge

1318 9th Street
Washington, DC

About Vita Lounge: Vita has a straight-on layout with a raised VIP area to the right and a bar to the left. Reddish-pink wall panels illuminate the room. Tucked in the corner at the end of the bar is a DJ booth. Some would say itís a bit too out fo the way. Beyond that is a set of about 5 steps leading to a raised back area. Itís very spacious and has some nice VIP booths.

The upstairs of Vita, named Penthouse 9, is bit more unique. Itís a hookah lounge/bar with a rustic American vibe. At the top of the stairs, immediately to the left and around a corner is a VIP area. Itís an nice, intimate group setting. Straight ahead is a bar and small DJ booth. Beyond that is a back room with a hookah bar. Penthouse 9 is a chill spot to hang out with some seriously dope music if you like the deep stuff.

Vita is also an Italian-American restaurant serving specialties like New Zealand lamb chops, New Orleans salmon and Seafood Linguine.

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