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About Whitefolkz: An original artist with an explosive sound coming from Washington, D.C., the nations capital. No one is 100% sure where Whitefolkz was born or where he is from, but his mother claims to hold a copy of a birth certificate that says he was born in Alexandria, VA. When asked where he is from Whitefolkz responds by saying, Topp Dogg Hill...the group of artists he works with and considers family.

Whitefolkz has been producing and rapping since the age of 15 and has been playing guitar and piano even longer. In interviews, he cites his major influences as Andre 3000, Prince, Marilyn Manson, Jimi Hendrix, UGK, and Curtis Mayfield.

He produces the majority of his singles and album tracks and prefers it that way, however his upcoming album entitled H.O.M.E. is being entirely produced by Benny Rome of Drum Majors.

"A relationship with music is like a marriage. If you get tired of the same old marital sex with your wife, you try new things to spice up your love life. If your wife isnt willing to try those new things, some other woman will. Same goes for music...rap began to bore me so I brought my guitar back into the production. Now im satisfied...for now"-Whitefolkz

Whitefolkz has opened up for major acts such as DJ Unk, Lil Wayne, Wale, The Clipse, Shawty Lo, Tabi Bonney, Trina and Soljah Boy. Folkz has collaborated with nearly every major DMV artist as well including Calmplex, Frayz, Rated R, Infa Redz, DC Don Juan, Kingpen Slim, and many many more. He has headlined showcases in almost every venue in his hometown of DC and preformed in many areas outside of DC such as Baltimore, Richmond, Alexandria, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Ocean City, Charleston and more. Whitefolkz has a following that is not only local and nationwide, but he has also solidified a loyal fanbase in Munich, Germany and Okinawa, Japan. In fact, one of his singles, "Not a Topp Dogg" is in rotation in clubs and radio stations in Japan and Taiwan! Whitefolkz has also contributed live lead guitar to many local artists' singles and albums.

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