Yusha Assad

Yusha Assad


About Yusha Assad: 2014 recipient of the House Studio Artist Grant, authentic hip-hop, diverse style, unique delivery, and creative word play all describe hip-hop artist Yusha Assad. Born Joshua Blackwell, Yusha is a North Carolina native by way of Washington, DC, striving toward a future of success. Humbled by his roots, Yusha connects to the soul of his listeners while providing reflections of his life, love, business and religion.

Yusha Assad has been writing and singing since age seven. He is inspired by artists such as Jay Z, Nas, Sam Cooke, and Lauryn Hill. The works of these artists all play a role in Yusha’s artistic craft. He is inspired by the stories of hustle and success by Jay-Z, the knowledge that Nas expresses, the pure and soulful melodies of Sam Cooke, and the love and spirituality that Lauryn Hill delivered through her lyrics.

Yusha is currently working on a new project entitled “With Great Care.” This project is a three series installment consisting of The Heart, The Struggle, and The Dream.The Heart was released in the fall of 2013. It speaks about purification, and letting out the emotion and intention. It also explains Yusha’s mission statement which speaks of; work, love, and enhancement. He is currently working on The Struggle set to be released this fall.

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