Artist of the Month - IDK

Artist of the Month

About IDK: It has been said that the best artists are the ones who speak the language of the people. IDK is that kind of artist. The stylish Maryland based rapper has found his niche “mixing consciousness with ignorance” while making us think and dance at the same time. IDK (born Jason Mills) is a unique talent. He is a mixture of an old soul with the consciousness and brazenness of youth. “Music gives me hope,” he says. “It helps me get to a point where I can forget the past and some of the things that haunt me. It gets me to a place where I have confidence among other things.” With influences such as Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z and De La Soul, IDK has developed a unique sound that has the potential to develop and push mainstream rap/hip hop to the next level. But for Jay, it is more than just being a rapper. “I want the world to know that I am more than a rap artist. I produce, direct and do a lot of other things and I have a lot of ambition for growth. I think the key to anything is longevity. I found a way to speak to our generation in a way that they will listen and I have a lot to say.”

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