Artist of the Month - Sandman

Artist of the Month

About Sandman: Jamal "sandman" Lee born October 9, 1988 first started his music career at Fletcher Johnson Educational Center in S.E. DC during the times when crime was at it's highest rate. It started with a cello in sixth grade. " I didn't even want to play the cello, but my best friend played the viola and I was like fuck it if my boy doing it I'm gone roll with him". From there his new found skill would set him on track for a chance to get into Duke Ellington School Of The Arts. Sandman applied for Ellington in 2002, he got accepted that same year. While attending Duke Ellington in the instrumental department, he linked up with 2 of his orchestra buddies to find out they had the same love and taste for music, and formed a rap group. From then on it was evident that Sandman had an ability to put together words while developing his own style getting recognized by other inspiring artist, producers, and such attending Duke Ellington. He always said "It was in Duke where I gained the confidence that I was good and I believe this was my calling". The rap group would eventually fall off "It was more of fun and a hobby then an actual rap group". Sandman spent three years in Ellington before getting kicked out due to him venturing more into the streets "I mean what u expect I was a young teen coming out of SE DC going to a different type of school I wasn't used to that, and I started smoking, and hustling my 11th grade year so I wasn't focused". Life was hard for him his mom was going thru a lot at the time so he felt as though he had to leave Duke anyways so he can get a job to help out. In 2006, Jamal "Sandman" Lee finished his last year of school in Eastern S.H.S to graduate almost touching honor roll, and with a half day schedule but unfortunately he never made it to college". I wanted to go, but I felt like it was a political set up to owe money that's already ours so I decided I'm going to be a rapper!". After graduating Sandman was still in the streets "I actually fell hard into the game once I left school". Only 17 when he graduated he still had a lot to learn but it also was the year he recorded his first song "(laughing) I think it was to the Lil Bow Wow "Fresh As I'm Iz" beat, yea I remember". From then on his everyday friends and family begin to notice a significant change in his music and started to support him in anyway possible. Years later he's still pushing hard making good music in hopes that one day the whole word will Chant "Sandman". He definitely had the crowd yelling loud at the DMV LIFE Showcase which he recently won over some of the best talent in the DMV!

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