Caddy Da Don

Caddy Da Don

About Caddy Da Don: Baltimore rapper Caddy Da Don grew up on the east side of the city and claims an amazing amount of hometown pride for the place of undiscovered story-tellers. With abandoned buildings and crowded corners in abundance, Caddy found himself drawn to a lavish lifestyle of money, cars, women and business attainable by only the toughest on the streets. In 2005, Caddy made his debut as an artist, refusing to call himself a rapper for the sake of feeling true to his lyrics, upbringing and setting himself apart from the wannabes. The city embraced Caddy as a messenger of the streets. As he gained notoriety, Baltimore was earning its place in the world of music.

Unable to count bars and unaware of the method to landscaping a song, Caddy’s mixtape Fixed Fight Vol. 1 was a freestyle free-for-all that growing audiences were loving him for. Caddy’s natural star quality and lyrical talent gave him the opportunity to open for artists like Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne. It wasn’t until some of Caddy’s dicey routine of living landed him in jail. It was only then that Caddy discovered his slick way of talk could be organized into written words and organized into songs. During his time served, Caddy took to studying the hip hop industry by reading books and publications and with every intent of turning his pastime love for music into a career.

In the summer of 2007, Caddy rounded out his mix tape series with Fixed Fight Vol. 2 and Vol. 2.5, selling over 4,000 copies. Great talent in a tough town doesn’t always rise to the top without effort. The streets always welcomed Caddy home with open arms, and never one to disappoint, Caddy produced a series of mix tapes while plotting on his next album. Now or Never, Best of Both Sides featuring Smash and 1/11/11 kept Baltimore fans familiar with Caddy’s sound and style while he built his anticipated official debut album. The mix tapes combined generated over 18,000 units sold.

Caddy’s debut album Day of Da Don released on January 1, 2011 met with instant local success and sold out at several D.T.L.R. locations. Day of Da Don featured the stand-out single “Shake It” featuring DJ Kool. “Shake It” became the # 1 most requested song on WERQ 92QJams’ Mix Show. The second single, “Grinding on Me” captured the attention of Tony Austin former President and Co-owner of Russell Simmons’ Music Group. Austin signed Caddy Da Don to his newly formed Monarch Entertainment Group as the label’s premiere artist, Austin explains, “Caddy is the voice of reason in the Baltimore area, our goal is to give Baltimore their first Hip Hop star paving the way for more artists to follow.”

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