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About Muggsy Malone: There are a many black men and women who realize the gravity of a situation in the fact of theyre skin color coupled with the circumstances against them. Some fold. Some work in an attempt to try to turn a bad hand into a full house. And Muggsy Malone a.k.a The Parkway Kid born in PG County Hospital in Maryland, is no different.

Experiencing realities bad side through the death of his mother in 1991 , TPK began to form rap wise to cope with his problems in daily life while living in DC, PG, Baltimore & North Carolina in a variety of environments. High school battles and talent shows began to develop his passion from rhyming with his cousin Fats and neighborhood friend TJ in the rap group Product of the Streets as he excelled in english and eventually went on to graduate at the age of 15. He developed a knack for weaving true life experiences into metaphors and similies , writing at least sixteen bars a day diligently since his teens perfecting his own style along the way. After a year in college he joined the US Army and was stationed in Texas & South Korea on active duty where he served during 9/11 and in the DC National Guard. In 2008, he was found by executives of now defunct Universal Records / Fontana distributed label Warpath Records after his single 'Be Alright' reached the ears of Rane from popular District Of Columbia radio station WPGC 95.5 and was referred to as "incredible".

Sadly when his father passed away in late 2009, he shifted focus to his family while ghostwriting for other aritsts and releasing his own music. His latest achievements are dropping an unexpected project 'The TPK EP' remaining on some of the most credited blogs in the DMV and nationwide with high marks for each release, opening for Big Krit at D.C. MC Sim City's Indie Life Event Series, and dazzling a capacity crowd at the famous 930 Club during an impromptu cypher at the Kick For Kids Charity event where Maybach Music rapper Meek Mills was the headliner, alongside his fellow DMV comrades. He's also so opened and performed for such acts as Immortal Technique, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Young Chris, the Rap-A-Lot Records, became a mainstay in the 'Capitol City Cipha' four years running, and is highly regarded in the DC metropolitan area as one of the best wordsmiths to come along in years, with lyrical agility and integrity as his focal points. By becoming one of the only artists in DC to ever have gotten a recording contract from the radio, and never have released a mixtape beforehand, his work ethic and minor accomplishments bestowed upon him the honor of being considered an undergroud 'All Star' in his place of residence.

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